I love trying out new art supplies and will be sharing information about my personal recommendations in future blog posts. For now here is a list of shops and suppliers that offer what you need to get started.  Most of these stores are based in the UK (many ship worldwide)  but there are also a couple of Turkish stores that are great for Islamic calligraphy and illumination supplies.

Jackson's Art Supplies  (London)

Flagship store based in north London, great website with a huge range of products on offer. Great for those just starting out or for the seasoned artist looking for more specialist items.  Lots of helpful info about the products is also available on the website, and reasonable prices so definitely worth a look!

L Cornelissen & Sons (London)

A beautiful old art shop in central London (very close to the British Museum) and well worth a visit if you are in the area.  Stepping through the doors feels like stepping into a classroom at Hogwarts! Great for pigments, gold leaf and gilding supplies.  A bit more expensive than other places, but well worth a visit. 

Cass Art  (London)

Cass Art have a chain of stores aimed at students so very affordable. They have a good product range and often have great offers and discounts available so I recommend getting on the mailing list to stay up to date with what's on offer.  I have picked up more than one set of great watercolours here!

Pigments from Cornelissen's in London.

Cowling & Wilcox  (London)

Another good place for art and design students.  Good range of basic supplies, with beautiful quality portfolios and presentation folders.  

Pullinger's (South East) 

Provide graphic and fine art supplies, with a number of shops in the south east and a good online store.

Atlantis Art - (London)

Large store based in East London with a comprehensive online store. The first art shop I ever visited, needless to say I emerged several hours later with a lighter purse!  Definitely worth checking out.

AP Fitzpatrick (London)

Another great store based in East London, catering to all levels, from student to professional artist. (They stock Kremer pigments)

Specialist stores

Habberley Meadows - Gold leaf and gilding supplies.   

Gold Leaf Supplies - Gold leaf and gilding supplies. A great range of products including beginners sets for those who want to get started with gilding.

Handover Art Supplies - Gold leaf and gilding supplies.  A great range of sable watercolour brushes.

Karin Sanat  (Turkey) - Great for hand ground shell gold paint, specialist papers and books on Islimi and Tezhip which are not easily available in the uk.  (website in Turkish and English)

Tiryaki Art  (Turkey) - Great for hand ground shell gold paint, specialist papers and books on Islimi and Tezhip which are not easily available in the uk. (website in Turkish and English)

Scribbler's - Great online store for western calligraphy and illustration supplies.  

Shepherd Falkiner - The place to go for beautiful specialist papers and book binding supplies.

William Cowley - Parchment Makers - Makers of parchment and vellum since 1870