Jeea Mirza - 2014

Jeea Mirza - 2014


Jeea Mirza is a UK based artist who is inspired by the arts and crafts of both Islamic and medieval traditions.  

She particularly enjoys exploring the relationships between the outwardly manifest and the inwardly hidden.  Her study of Islamic geometry and arabesque is an ongoing journey of discovery which continues to inspire her with its timeless beauty, simplicity and paradoxically its complexity. 

Her reflections on Islamic pattern and associated practical crafts commenced in 2013 under the guidance of The Art of Islamic Pattern based in London. Her ongoing passion for the subject resulted in her successfully completing The Open Program Diploma at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts in London in 2016.

Manuscript illumination was the key area of study during her diploma at the Prince's School; and this training has been the primary inspiration of Jeea's painting style, where she combines the movement and delicate luminance of watercolour with the brilliance of genuine shell gold or gold leaf illumination.

Through her exploration of these foundational elements of geometry and arabesque; and through her use of traditional methods & materials,  Jeea has developed a deep sense of respect and appreciation for her teachers.  Her admiration extends most particularly to the artisans and crafters of the past whose undoubted skill has resulted in some of the most profoundly beautiful objects of art and architecture in history.