The Art of Islamic Pattern: A Living Tradition
to Nov 4

The Art of Islamic Pattern: A Living Tradition

  • The Education Centre, Homerton Universiy Hospital (map)
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The Education Centre, Homerton University Hospital,  NHS Foundation Trust, Homerton Row, London E9 6SR

PRIVATE VIEW 2 July 6-8pm. Contact:

Over the last 10 years there has been resurgence of interest in Islamic art as a contemporary art practice. The Art of Islamic Pattern, an educational partnership formed by Richard Henry and Adam Williamson in 2008, has been at the heart of this revival. From their studio in Hackney Wick, and more recently in Bow, East London, they have taught several hundred students practical skills in this venerable art form. The courses have centred upon geometric design, Arabesque floral motifs, and traditional craft practice. The works presented in this show, comprising painting, ceramics, woodwork, works on silk, have all been produced by former students and colleagues, many of whom have gone on to be successful artists in their own right.

Islamic art is renowned for its use of exquisite designs, which resonate with the most harmonious patterns found within nature and the cosmos. With the focus upon unity and harmony, rediscovering and recreating these designs, can be a deeply meditative experience. It is a particular pleasure to have the opportunity to display these works at Homerton University Hospital. Whilst there has been considerable interest in recent decades in the therapeutic potential of visual art, we believe this is the first time a show dedicated to Islamic art has been presented within a London hospital setting.


Boris Aldridge, Hasret Brown, Taufiq Dawood, Emma Ferris, Richard Henry,

Ameet Hindocha, Aziza Iqbal, Semira Kahsai, Sandy Kurt, Margi Lake, Xiaoxiao Ma,

Jeea Mirza, Maaida Noor, Raanaz Shahid, Shehana Udat, Adam Williamson.

For more information please visit: www.artofislamicpattern/exhibition

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to Dec 15

Manifesting the Unseen

Manifesting the Unseen is an arts & culture project that seeks to remove barriers & reveal hidden truths by creating a discursive space to experience the unique artistic language of Islamic art & its modern cultural expression.

Curated by Nazia Mirza.

temp 10.jpg

The visual artists in Manifesting the Unseen share an interest in the unifying principles of Islamic art, its origins within the inner realities of divine revelation and its perfect balance of science, art and spirituality. Their work focuses on the essence of things, seeking not to replicate nature but to convey what it represents; revealing what is unseen until nothing remains hidden.

The works in Manifesting the Unseen aspire to reflect the infinite nature of Allah; the creation of the pieces becomes an act of devotion for some, and a reflection of faith for others. Through engaging with these themes, viewers are invited to contemplate the idea of oneness and how from unity all diversity emerges.

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Alongside the visual arts, and in keeping with the rich tradition of poetry in the Muslim world, Manifesting the Unseen will also invite a series of established and emerging women poets to construct a series of ekphrastic poems inspired by the artworks and performed at a Mehfil (recital) as one of a series of events offered as part of the exhibition. The exhibition will also feature a panel discussion with the artists and a series of workshops throughout the month offering the public the chance to learn about and practice: Islamic geometry, painting & illumination and calligraphy.

Featured visual artists:

  • Jeea Mirza

  • Nazira Bibi

  • Wasi Daniju

  • Esra Alhamal

  • Sara Choudhrey

  • Samira Mian

  • Aziza Iqbal

  • Mobeen Akhtar

  • Maaida Noor

  • Shaheen Kasmani

  • Amber Khokhar

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